There is a wide variety of dog toys today: Frisbee, balls and stuffed toys, we quickly get different options. Besides, it is not always possible to find the toy that suits your dog and it is sometimes frustrating to see his faithful companion leave a toy that seemed very promising.

To avoid this kind of disappointment, we have written a short guide to facilitate the purchase of a dog toy:!

What you need to know before anything else

Dogs can take a long time to adapt to foreign elements present in their usual environment. So do not be surprised if your pet does not jump with joy when you introduce the new object. If invited to use it, an adult dog will be able to put between one to two weeks before having fun with the new gadget.

Puppies can take longer (2 to 4 weeks) before adopting a new toy. More fearful, they often express a certain mistrust of anything new in general. We do not advise investing too much money in a first puppy toy, because it may not really be interested.

It is not necessary to spend time choosing the color of the toy, because the dogs are not very sensitive.

Ball type toys

Choosing a ball-shaped toy is usually the most popular option. A ball allows the dog to have fun alone or with his master. With regard to matter, many possibilities exist. For the youngest puppies, the fabric will be particularly suitable, to avoid injuries to the jaw. Be careful not to buy a ball that is too small to choke your pet. Some nice variations exist like those with pimples or original designs. You can find all these types of balls and other dog toys on online stores such as .

Rope type toys

If your dog is very sporty and likes to play the confrontation, then a rope toy will please him. The problem with this type of toy is that it tends to encourage aggressive behavior, opposition to the master. To watch so, especially with the dominant animals. This kind of toy is not recommended for puppies because it may damage their teeth.

Anti-stress toys

These pretty original toys allow to receive food. Some kibble is placed there and the dog is obliged to play with it to obtain it. This can be interesting if the dog is facing a stressful time or is left alone at home. Be careful not to disturb your diet and meal times too much.
There are obviously many other dog toys, to choose according to his temperament and size. We think the best is to try before finding the ideal compromise: your dog knows what he wants!